Sindicato Sonico !

Egon Loosveldt

Egon Loosveldt is a drummer and percussionist living in Antwerp, Belgium, who loves to play many different styles of music.

He studied Jazz drums at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp but is equally inspired by his travels in Latin America and a love for music that defies genres and definitions.

He plays heavy and psychedelic rock music, swing, latinjazz and latinrock, improvised music, and traditional rhythms from different continents and loves to combine them all or try new styles.

He has released several albums with different bands such as Gnome, Undskyld, Sindicato Sonico, ClarOscuro, and as of 2022 is playing concerts all over Europe, mostly active with psychedelic rockers Temple Fang and performance band LaPiratesse.

Motto: you only live twice.