Sindicato Sonico !

Wouter “Norteño” de Belder

The guitar player of Sindicato is actually a violinist who's also a bass player.

He was born and raised in Antwerp, but more than 10 years of service as guitarronero in Mariachi Los Tarascos makes him very familiar with Mexican culture and earned him his middle name " Norteño * ".
As a full time musician Wouter has experience with many different music styles, from neoclassical over tango, salsa and mariachi to funk and rock and more.

He's mostly active in performance band LaPiratesse and Dutch performance company Zwermers.

* noun      norteño/nɔːˈtɛnjəʊ/

   plural noun:norteños

  1. 1 aninhabitantor native of northern Mexico.
  2. 2.a style of folk music, associated particularly with northern Mexico and Texas, typically featuring an accordion and using polkas and other rhythms found in the music of central Europeanimmigrants.